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About the Crescent Boat Club

The Crescent Boat Club has approximately 150 members. Although boats are docked at the club during the boating season, the club maintains a fun packed, year round, family friendly social calendar that provides lots of opportunities to enjoy friends and make new friends.

The Crescent Boat Club is a responsible member of the community, often sponsoring Boater Safety Courses, and offering safe harbor to vessels in need. It is host for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 014-15-4 (Albany Flotilla). The club is a steward of the environment, managing aquatic vegitation via machinery in lieu of chemicals and ever watchful for conditions that could lead to environmental harm.

The Crescent Boat Club was incorporated on November 14, 1958. The club house building was erected in 1962 with many subsequent improvements since. Being a "working club," members enjoy low cost dues, dockage, and other benefits in exchange for working a required annual minimum number of work hours. Meeting this committment is easy and should also be fun. There is NO hired help. All of the property (approximately four acres), facilities, and equipment is owned and maintained by the membership of the club, hence the ease of satisfying the work hour requirement. The club's sources of income include: initiation fees, membership dues, and dockage fees, profits from the bar, gasoline sales, and the various social functions held throughout the year. The club holds a New York State issued liquor license and remits property taxes and sales taxes to appropriate jurisdictions.

None of the facilities are open or available to the public except for transient dockage. Presence on the club's property is strictly limited to members and escorted guests of members. Video monitoring provides additional security for club and member owned property 24x7.

Fees and Costs Compared to Alternatives

The cost of our pastime is considerably lower at the Crescent Boat Club compared to marinas in the Albany, NY area. With 2018 dockage of $12 per foot per season and family dues of $255 (plus tax) per year, your cost to dock a 30 foot boat here is about $640 per year. Area marinas with dockage of averaging $50 per foot for the season will cost $1,500 per year. After you factor the initiation fee (currently $1,250), you break even in your second season.

In addition, gasoline is marked up 5 cents a gallon over wholesale cost for members, and pump out's are free to members. There is no prohibition from working on boats while at dock.

Located 5 minutes from Northway Exit 8, there is no reason to drive another hour to Lake George (to pay $140 per foot for similar amenities), you can be on your boat instead of in the car.

2018 Elected Officers and Appointed Committee Chairs

Commodore: Michelle Hernandez* Docks Chair: Greg Jordan*
Vice Commodore: Tom Richardson* House Chair: Tammy St. Louis
Rear Commodore: Rich Shakerley Bar Chair: Mike Johnson
Past Commodore: Ed Pearson Weeds Chair: Don Springel
Treasurer: Imran Siddiqui Bell Jar: Jim Young
Secretary: Laura Ziegler* Membership Chair: Anne Baumann*
Financial Secretary: Joyce Maloney Good & Welfare: Nikki Shakerley
Director: Bill Bryans
Bee Master: Steve Prescott
Director: Jerry Felitti
Finance Committee: Kevin Koval & Vacant
Director: Andrew McFarland Council Reps: Jean Engel & Gordy Engel

By-Laws: Andrew McFarland

Kids Club: Nikki Shakerly

Newsletter/Facebook: Michelle Hernandez

Webmaster: Ian Coulthard*

* public contact info below

Public Contact Info

Clubhouse Phone: 518-371-9864
Email Addresses:


Mailing Address:
PO Box 4520 Clifton Park, NY 12065-0854

Physical Address:
142 Canal Road. Halfmoon, NY