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About Membership

With about 150 members today, the Crescent Boat Club is open to new members in 2018 with several  available docks to choose from. The Membership Chair is Anne Baumann. New Member Applications may be emailed to Anne at

Members are the life of the Crescent Boat Club and reason for its being.

Individuals and families join the Crescent Boat Club to associate with others who share our boating pastime as boating is much more than just floating around. The club provides exceptional ammenities, member priviledges, social interactions, and superior cost advantages not found in any marina setting.

As a member, you become "part owner" of the club, its property and facilities. Although we are governed by an elected board of directors and organizational bylaws, all members are equal in standing. The only exception to equal standing is that membership seniority is considered in awarding dock assignments.

Since we are a working club, many of our activities are great opportunities for you to get your required hours, along with meeting new people and sharing a few laughs. Single memberships require 25 hours and family memberships require 50 hours, per year. Don’t let this scare you, as you will be very surprised how quickly they accumulate. Hours can be accrued by working club functions, gardening, helping with dock-in and dock-out, cleaning, cooking, writing, committee membership, etc. Whatever your specialty we will utilize it. That's what makes our club great!

The Crescent Boat Club is a member of the Mohawk-Hudson Council of Yacht Clubs. This relationship provides members with access to the other clubs in the Council. It allows for reciprocating (free) dockage, should you decide to travel to or beyond one of these clubs. It also means more social activities as the other clubs invite us to their social functions. Groups from CBC often travel together by boat to the various clubs and destinations, for example Lake Champlain, the Long Island Sound, Sylvan Beach etc. It is a great way to travel, learn the local waters and build relationships with other members. If you are looking to expand your boating adventures this is the place to do it!

There are basic differences between boat clubs and marinas. Aside from the obvious social activity, the boat club provides a sense of unity among its members. Most of us are members of the Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), a lobbying group that supports boating issues that offers discounted boating supplies, marine insurance and boat loans. As a member of the Crescent Boat Club, BoatUS offers a discount on their membership fee.

How to become a Member

Thank you for your interest in joining the Crescent Boat Club! We recommend you familiarize yourself with the content on these pages to help decide if the Crescent Boat Club is for you. If you would like to stop by to take a look around and get some info, please call the clubhouse phone (518-371-9864) to be sure someone will be there to meet you and show you around. Or, you can contact the membership committee chair (Anne Baumann 518-487-1667) to chat and arrange a visit.

Please complete the new member application (link at top of page) and forward it to the membership committee chair. The membership committee chair will contact you to answer your questions, provide insight, arrange a tour of the facilities, and/or schedule a meeting with the 3 person membership committee who will interview you as well as answer new questions. We want you to feel welcomed and informed.

With the comittee's favorable recommendation, the board of directors will vote to approve you as a probationary member for the term of one year. You will enjoy full membership privileges and be assigned a big brother and/or big sister to help you and your family get acquainted, answer questions and introduce you to other members.

We want people to feel at home at the Crescent Boat Club. In your first year as a probationary member and to become familiar with things, you're expected to attend at least half of monthly membership meetings and half of the year's social events in addition to meeting your hours requirement. Its easy to do. At the end of one year you will be voted on to become a full member.

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Last updated: 10th February 2018